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It took me weeks of research, try & error and hundred of local generations to get those results. I created an own little AI of myself and worked with StabilityAI, alongside a variety of other AI software.

Since this code exist just since a year, a lot of questions coming up in my head. As a VFX artist, visual AI tools are a huge topic in my mind right now. What will be possible in one, two or five years? Will my VFX skills still be worthy? What should I learn for a safe job in the future?

Since October 2023 my deep dive journey into the AI coding space of GitHub began. Since then, almost every 2 weeks releases a new groundbreaking AI tool for visual creation. The interest of those tools is huge and the development is rising exponential. Things get revised and enhanced so quickly…

Since my journey I saw so many tools and creations. Most of them are very helpful for visual creators. Some of them feel a bit scary, like face swapping, voice cloning or even digital replications just from a short video. What’s coming next is unstoppable. It will change the essential substance of digital content. Let’s hope for good 🙏🏼

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