Wardens of the Wilds

Wardens of the Wilds-Wardens-of-the-Wilds Wardens of the Wilds-1714087163_756_Wardens-of-the-Wilds Wardens of the Wilds-1714087164_724_Wardens-of-the-Wilds Wardens of the Wilds-1714087164_635_Wardens-of-the-Wilds Wardens of the Wilds-1714087164_516_Wardens-of-the-Wilds

Wardens of the Wilds
Created utilizing AI tools
model: Midjourney 6

“Her beauty’s oath, to save, to shield,
In her embrace, the forest healed”


“Her gentle touch upon the bloom,
Assures the forest shall resume”

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