“How does it feel to be real?”

“How does it feel to be real?”-437271053_443605788038319_6466016418620362638_n

“How does it feel to be real?”

That is a good question actually. Maybe we should ask ourself that. Can we even answer that or are we even real, so we are able to answer. The first thing would be to know what real even is, which we really can’t say. Anyway, went straight down a rabbit hole.

In this image, I laid weight on the simplicity without removing emotions that were meant to symbolize the tittle. Because would a robot feel the same way as we do, when being more advanced. If we could program emotions would a robot not be as real as a person, if we assume we are real. An interesting question that we will probably never get an answer to.
I actually had no inspiration for this the dress was an early idea for my last post that didn’t quite work out. I mixed a few ideas from other posts and then started to add new words and ideas into the prompt. The format was very important, once I added it, the results I got looked almost as variations of this one. It was a nightmare to edit but otherwise it was very quickly made

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